Starvation and recovery phases (on Ju.S.Nikolaevu and E.I.Nilov)

Continuance of forgoing of nutriment:

1st phase (alimentary excitation). During the maiden phase lasting routinely of 2-4 days, patients gall any cues of nutriment: a type and its odour, talks about meal, a sound of tableware and other.

Alimentary cues cause a hypersalivation, an abdominal murmur, feel of a suction in the pit of the stomach; the sleep is degraded, irritability is increased, there is the bad mood.

Sometimes at patients the insignificant peaking of psychotic semiology is marked. The skew field mass promptly impinges (weight losses to 1 kg a day).

Thirst is routinely insignificant. The arterial pressure at the majority of patients remains without change. Pulse becomes frequent a little.

2nd phase (rising acidosis). For 3-5th day of forgoing of nutriment the sense of hunger is usually reduced, and sometimes and completely disappears, whereas thirst is increased usually at this time. At the majority of patients rising blanket dormancy  is marked.

Sometimes, specially in the mornings, some patients complain of a headache, giddiness, a nausea, sense of wilt. These appearances largely drop or completely disappear after walk, a drinking of alkaline waters (borzhomi).

At patients the rising white or grey fur, dryness of tongue and labiums, mucus on cogs, odour of acetone from a mouth, dryness and pallor of cutaneous coverings is marked. The blood pressure gradually drops, pulse becomes more rare, breath deeper and rare.

At some patients the small peaking of symptoms of concomitant chronic somatopathies is watched. The skew field weight loss promptly and attains 300-500 grammes a day.

All these appearances at miscellaneous patients are displayed with miscellaneous intensity till 6-10th day of starvation then quickly enough, it is possible to tell critically, the state of patients is modified. There sets in the third phase.

3rd phase (compensatings or equalizations). Sometimes within one day or even several hours, more often at night, in a state of patients there sets in a sharp fracture, so-called «atsidotichesky a crisis».

Overall health is considerably refined, diminished or completely the sense of physical wilt disappears, there is a vivacity, the mood is increased, various offensive feels in a skew field stop, disappear become aggravated to that implication of concomitant somatopathies.

At some patients this improving flows wave-shapedly, and light gaps happen in the beginning short, and then all is longer and longer.

From now on at patients tongue starts to be stripped of scurf, it becomes better complexion, odour of acetone from a mouth  is diminished. Cardiac sounds are made by more sonorous, pulse by the rare.

Diurnal weight loss minimum — 100-200 grammes a day. The mental state of patients is routinely considerably refined, the alert disappears, intensity, depression, a hypochondria and other symptoms of mental disease is diminished.

Duration of this phase at each patient is stringently individual.

The phase routinely appearance of the "wolf" appetite concludes. Tongue is completely stripped of scurf. To this time at patients the sleep again is a little degraded, there are dreamings in which one many see tasty nutriment.

Occasionally patients are a little irritable, wilt is boosted, more often the blood pressure thus is a little increased, pulse becomes frequent. A supply of patients from this point on begins, there sets in the deoxidiziry continuance.

The deoxidiziry continuance:

1st phase (asthenic). The patients testing before the strong appetite, after the maiden reception of a small portion of nutriment (100-200 grammes of juice) feel limiting saturation. But is more narrow through a short time (20-30 minutes) again feel the strong hunger and with impatience wait for each eat period.

At this time at patients wilt again is boosted and they willingly lie in sand bed. The mood becomes frequent labile, sharply fluctuates. At some patients the small and short-term peaking of psychotic semiology is watched.

Thirst is completely contented with an amount of drunk juice. The chair, as a rule, occurs self-contained from 2-3rd day of a delivery. Pulse becomes frequent and becomes labile, breath less deep, more frequent. The skew field mass in the maiden 1-2 days of the deoxidiziry continuance prolongs to be reduced (on 100-200 grammes a day).

2nd phase (intense recovery). At the second phase which one attacks 4-6th day, appetite is promptly increased. Now for saturation already enough considerable quantity of  nutriment is required. The mass of a skew field of patients promptly rises, approximately in the same ratioes in what it impinged in an unloading continuance.

At the majority of sick weights of a skew field attains initial level in time, equal to duration of an unloading continuance, and sometimes even is more prompt. Also physical forces parallely rise, the state of health  is promptly refined, the mood becomes increased.

The psychotic semiology the bulk disappears. The arterial pressure attains standard level, pulse becomes steady, the standard chair is installed. Major appetite and heightened mood are held down at patients within 2-3 weeks then this phase directly transfers in the last.

3rd phase (normalisations). Appetite at patients becomes moderated. Delivery problems cease to take a central place in their consciousness.

The mood becomes easly, quiet, some mentally sick even have an extreme ratio to past crazy expressions.

Certainly, all featured symptoms are displayed individually. All depends on the patient, from character of its response to treatment.

At one patients the good reactivity, all aforementioned phases well-marked also are well-timed. Treatment of these patients yields the best therapeutic effect.

At other patients these phases pli well-marked, but lag in a time, or are well-timed, but are feeblly expressed. They are patients with inactivity or excessive movability of the main excitatory processes. Performance of treatment at them is lowered, positive takes are displayed in a slowed-up way or they are unstable.

There are also such patients at whom it is not possible to watch the above-stated phases. At them the under reactivity.

Treatment by their dosed starvation is customary yields insignificant and short-term effect or at all does not yield effects.

It is possible to tell that expression of phases and performance of treatment by the dosed starvation directly depend on a state of the reactivity defining remainance of those phylactic powers of an organism which one we will mobilise at treatment by starvation.

Reactivity is spotted by key properties of the excitatory processes, their force, balance, movability, and there, where all it in an optimum state, very well. In the same place, where there is an inactivity where responses are lowered or irritability dominates, performance of treatment drops.

About it it is written in any textbook on physiology.

The enumeration of diseases and states at which one treatment by a starvation method is contraindicative (on Ju.S.Nikolaevu and E.I.Nilov)

Pulmonary tuberculosis in an acute phase.

Bazedova illness in the expressed form (magnification of a thyroid gland and rising of its functions, pulse increase, pucheglazie).

Addisonizm and some other endocrine diseases.

Malignant tumours: a canker, a sarcoma (in these events the urgent surgical intervention or other special treatment is required).

Malignant disease of a blood — a leucaemia.

Cirrhosis and buds.

Many organic diseases of central excitatory system. An aphrenia.

Many acute diseases where the urgent surgical intervention — an acute appendicitis is required, a volvulus, various cysts and other.

Deep degrees of depletion, specially at elderly persons.

Pregnancy and lactation.

Many mental diseases.

The commenting of some standings of the book «a starvation Miracle»

Very many scientists criticise Polja Bregga for antiscientific character ostensibly proper in it and some mistichnost.

So, the principal therapist of Moscow JU.N.Kudryavtsev writes: «the Majority of standings on which one P.Bregg grounds the concept, is declarative. It and mystical« vital energy "," a toxicant acid »which one chips poison our organism»

That to the reader the sense of these was clear (ostensibly mystical) concepts, I consider necessary to make the true commenting.

Why white refined Saccharum is harmful?

At first, Saccharum is not a food, and chemical in the pure state, added in nutriment for taste improving. This matter can be gained miscellaneous methods: from naphtha, gas, timber, etc.

But the most economic method of obtaining of Saccharum is rehash of a beet and a special type of a cane as which one and have termed — a cane.

Secondly, contrary to a popular belief, Saccharum does not deliver an organism energy.

The matter is that Saccharum "burning" in an organism is the most complicated process in which one besides Saccharum and oxygen tens other matters participate: vitamins, mineral substances, ferments, etc. (till now ultimately it is impossible to state that all these matters are known to a science).

Without these matters from Saccharum in an organism energy cannot be gained.

If we consume Saccharum in the pure state our organism collects missing matters from the organs (from cogs, from bones, from nerves, from a skin, a liver, etc.). It is clear that these organs start to lack the pointed nutrient materials (starvation) and after a while start to yield malfunction.

If we consume natural food we together with Saccharum consume all matters indispensable for its digestion.

Thus, it appears what to make jam from fruit for "saving" of vitamins is absolutely useless, as at the use of jam the organism will expend not only all vitamins and the minerals containing in this jam, but also will pick up a part of vitamins from the organs.

All aforesaid concerns as well to all other refined yields: the white flour, refined sunflower-seed oil, sausage, etc. In them has not enough vitamins and mineral substances.

What is "Vital energy"?

We will be set, for example, by such problem: «What composition should be at nutriment consumed by us?». It is clear that our nutriment should contain all indispensable for life activity of an organism of matter: 20 amino acids, tens vitamins, mineral substances, ferments.

Besides, in our nutriment there should be a quantity of cellulose, pectines and a moisture. In total for today it is known about 600 matters which one our organism gains from nutriment. And these matters should is in a certain ratio with each other.

Not to write on each page the similar commenting of Pol Bregg writes simply: «Our nutriment should be rich with vital energy». Differently, vital energy is an aggregate of flock of the factors contributing in improving of our health.

Thus, on closer examination it appears that "vital energy" — absolutely scientific concept.

What is the natural yields?

The answer to this problem becomes clear after perusal of the following table:

The natural yield suitable for the use in nutriment.

The artificial item received at rehash of the applicable natural yield

Meat                      Sausage

Wheat        White flour

Beet                       White sugar

Seeds                     The refined

Seed of sunflower  Sunflower-seed oil

This agenda can be prolonged.

exhausts an organism at starvation?

This problem is intimately bound to other problem: whence our organism gains a delivery? «The strange problem, — many will tell, — is finite from nutriment», and will be not absolutely right. Note, it is a question not of the person, and about an organism.

And so, our organism always gains a delivery from characteristic reserves, and these stores are in turn replenished at the expense of nutriment.

If our organism gained a delivery only from nutriment the person could not do without nutriment more longly three hours.

But it does not represent the facts at all. In practice, should transit some weeks of a complete starvation while the organism will exhaust the stores.

Ivan Ivans.


Nutriment for speculation

ü  The most major sin — pavor.

ü  The best day — today!

ü  The best city — there where you succeed.

ü  The best operation — that which one you love.

ü  The best rest — operation.

ü  The greatest error — hope loss.

ü  The greatest wilt — hatred.

ü  The most major infringer of calmness — the talker.

ü  The most absurd character trait — self-conceit.

ü  The most dangerous person — the liar.

ü  The greatest need — in dialogue.

ü  The most major oof — health.

ü  The most major gift which one you can yield or gain — love.

ü  The great friend and companion — good books.

ü  Thy enemies — envy, greed, a connivance to characteristic delicacies, pity to itself.

ü  The great occasion in life — a physical, mental and spiritual degeneration.

ü  The most abomination in the person — zaznajstvo.

ü  The most repellent — tyranny.

ü  The most disgusting bar — arrogance.

ü  The most major stumbling stone about which one permanently you rumpler, — ignorance.

ü  The cleverest person — the one who always makes that follows. It also is a rule, following to which one it is possible to become the clever person.

Instead of an epilogue

All told in this book is grounded on the scientific facts.

Though the author here is more narrow over 50 years practices the method of a natural conduct of life stated here and is assured that this method is secure and will bring as well another invaluable favour, it does not claim for scalability stated and considers that that approaches one, can not approach at all to another; therefore the yielded publication does not undertake correspondence obligations to any judgement.

Not drugs for illnesses are introduced in this book. pol the Bragg here the teacher, instead of the doctor.


«The most major discovery of the person is a force, ability to rejuvenate physical, mentally and spiritually rationalised starvation».

«Using scientific starvation, it is possible to forget about the age».

«Starvation the person can prevent a presenility!» — so writes Pol the Bragg in the book.

Still he recommends to reduce bulk of eaten nutriment, to restrict some alimentary matters, salt consumption that is lawful and does not contradict balanced diet bottoms.

However some standings tendered by the author to the general reader, are diskutabelnymi and have no argued scientific justifications.

It is not necessary to doubt performance elaborated II. The Bragg of feed system pertaining to the author, and also «a wonderful recovery» which one from various illnesses it reduces those people, stories in the book.

But there is a problem, a leah is possible implementation of the meant feed system under our conditions? Certainly, no.

And it is enough parents of this: the limited regimen of transactions almost all from us, a restricted select of a plant food, the high content in vegetables and fruit of inorganic compounds, climatic singularities of our region and many other things.

The majority of standings on which one P.Bregg grounds the concept, is declarative. It and mystical "vital force", «a toxicant acid», which one chips poison our organism, etc.

It is difficult to disagree to restrict with the reference in a ration sodium salt. However the standing about injury of any amount of Sodium chloridum which one, on the Bragg, cannot be assimilated by an organism at all is declarative.

By the way, P.Bregg supposes, as other mineral substances cannot be used by organism tissues, and only impede operation of buds therefore tendered to drink only a distilled water.

Nevertheless the Bragg was not an orthodox in a delivery, however called for limiting of the yields containing animal protein, with its changeover on vegetative (nut coals, leguminous, some vegetables). The Total quantity of protein thus also is diminished.

Now experts of the World Health Organization instal secure level of protein in a ration which one less gramme per kilogramme weights  should not be.

The insufficient protein content, in nutriment leads to decay of histic protein, to the negative nitric balance sheet, reduction of conditioned-reflex excitability of central excitatory system and depressing of hormonal activity of endocrine glands, futty to liver infiltration, a deceleration in growth of a young organism, reduction of immunologic activity of an organism and change of activity of ferments, decrease of phagocytal activity of leucocytes and to other changes.

The disadvantage of protein nutrition of children’s and youthful age when the organism stormy unstrands is specially harmful and for its creation plastic material  is required.

Animal protein changeover vegetative, less valuable on amino acid composition, can lead to a deficit of essential amino acids.

And though protein of the nut coals, some vegetables (for example, a potato) is rigorous, practically balances on amino acid composition the proteinaceous ration of the vegetarian can only the nutritionist.

In the conditions of boundedness of a select of a plant food it is impossible for the wide population and was foregone leads to nonreversible aftereffects.

P.Bregg is absolutely right, considering that excess of animal fats is very harmful, and urged to exchange their not refined vegetable oils which one are suppliers and polynonsaturated fatty acids (PNZHK) which one complex is termed as factor R and on the meaning is equated to vitamins.

PNZHK participate in okislitelno — a restoration process, are precursors in synthesis prostoglandipov, increase resilience and diminish transmittivity of vascular wall, will organise with cholesterine miscible bonds, accelerate its turning into of a liver in fatty acids, boost a bile secretion and an intestine peristaltics, contribute in deduction of cholesterine from an organism (protective treatment of an atherosclerosis, a lithogenesis and etc.), ensure standard growth and organism development, boost lipotropic activity of a choline and contribute in its synthesis.

At a deficiency of nonsaturated acids a dermatitis unstrands, reproductive power drops.

Packed fatty acids (NZHK), containing in animal fats, in the food relation maloaktivny. However sharp rising in a ration of share PNZHK as is dangerous, as well as their disadvantage wherefore leads to a peroxide oxidising of lipids.

Sharp limiting of animal fats of nutriment and their exclusion of a ration dangerously also decrease in an organism of concentration of such major fat-soluble vitamins, as And and D, up to an avitaminosis.

Correctly and P.Bregga’s standing about necessity of magnification for a ration of crude vegetables and fruit, greens, bahchevyh which one contain manifold vitamins, biologically active materials, mineral salts.

In plant products also it is a lot of cellulose, pectine which one contribute in protective treatment of an atonia of an intestine and constipations, decelerate putrefactive processes and gas formation, diminish inhausting of carbohydrates, fats and some hazardous substances.

However the heightened amount of cellulose can lead to alimentary disorders.

Sporny the standings concerning a listening mode of nutriment, in particular, the reference to restrict eat period to two times a day to sit down desktop only after a preliminary exercise stress which one the Bragg justifies that ostensibly the nutriment can be assimilated only on absolutely empty maw and at a hunger strong feeling.

However when the gap between eat periods constitutes seven-eight hours and appetite attains marginal limits, it is difficult to check itself not to overeat.

At the regular delivery the conditioned reflex on selection of the most active chyle, rich with ferments is worked out. The nutriment in this case falls on congenial "soil" and is aggressively overcured.

Scientists-dieticians it is installed that at repeated eat period of the squirrel are assimilated by an organism on 10-15 percents worse, than at the triple.

P.Bregg recommends to be failed also and from an early dense lunch. Now, when transactions it is more and more mechanised and computerised and does not demand major physical costs, the significant alimentary loads in on-duty time become irrational.

The dense lunch demands intense digestion of nutriment, and it is tracked by a rush of blood to a digestive organs — brain tissues are accordingly leant that allocates to a sleep, instead of to productive cerebration. However hardly it is necessary to recommend a total failure from a lunch.

In P.Bregg’s book stands up for observance of a nutrient budget which one yields dominance of alkaline valences, considers that illnesses happen from zakislennosti an organism nutriment in which one acid valences (in the core meat, animal fats, Amylums prevail).

Really, principal living environment of an organism is acid-base balance observance.

Miscellaneous yields influence it variously: all root crops, vegetables, fruit (behind small exclusion), milk are defined by alkali dominance, and meat, eggs, curds, bread increase acidity.

Advantage of the alimentary vegetative regimens maintaining excess of alkali, is justified by the German scientist of the last century R.Berg. He has installed that at such regimen the amount of the protein, demanded to an organism, drops. The healthy person himself implements oscillations of an acid-base state in the necessary side.

At illness (for example, an urate diathesis, renal insufficiency and etc.) this regulation is upset, and then at treatment acid-base generating properties of nutriment can be used.

In the system Pol the Bragg leads out very major place to improving starvation.

Before to consider a view of the Bragg, we will answer a problem, what such starvation, what here judgement of scientists?

Now scientists are engaged in problems of medical starvation many. For the last two decades three doctoral and twenty six master’s theses on a problem of razgruzochno-dietary therapy (RDT)  are advocated.

And period of probes of this subject is more narrow nemal and the method has gained the scientific justification: the maiden thesis for a doctor’s degree has been advocated more than quarter of the century back — in 1960.

Besides, receptions of treatment of various chronic diseases were during the last years developed. The Soviet scientists gain some authorship certificates on inventions in the field of RDT.

Methodical references on treatment by this method of psychological diseases, alcoholism, a bronchial asthma (including with the complicated flow of a sarcoidosis of a respiratory organs, an idiopathic hypertensia)  are published.

There is a row of scientific operations which one demonstrate a capability of successful application of medical starvation at is hormonal-dependent states, and also at the complicated flow of cardiovascular diseases, at separate system lesions of a conjunctive tissue.

Let’s term as chronology the most significant operations and events for the further evolution RDT.

In 1969 the Moscow scientific research institute of psychiatry MZ RSFSR has published the major receiving tank «Problem of medical starvation».

Part maiden — «Clinic of medical starvation» (under edition of professor Ju.S.Nikolaeva); a part second — «hunger and saturation Neurophysiology» (under edition of academician P.K.Anokhin); a part third — «starvation Physiopathology» (under edition of academician AMN the USSR I.A.Fedorova); a part fourth — «starvation Biological chemistry» (under edition of academician AMN the USSR A.A.Pokrovsky).

Methodical letters and references on RDT were published by Ministry of Health with 1975 for 1985.

In 1980 in the Moscow urban hospital № 68 separation on 40 beds for treatment of somatic patients is unclosed. Separation it successfully works till now.

The subject has been included in the plot of probes of Institute of delivery AMN the USSR for 1986-1988 «Biological, physiological and morphological learning of the gear of activity of starvation on an organism (kliniko-experimental research).

It is created both centre on learning and implementation in medical practice of a method razgruzochno — dietary therapy. Thus, the natural bioassay technique RDT which approved for some decades on thousand of patients and has yielded good effects, by right is made by object of severe scientific probes and added to the arsenal by applied medicine.

Now scientists differentiate three alternatives of starvation at alive beings, including the person. The maiden alternative — forced malnutrition when the person uses some, let even insignificant, an amount of yields or insufficiently qualitative, defective nutriment on the composition with a deficit of protein, vitamins, microelements and etc.

Without ensuring a cell, organs and systems a minimum of nutrient materials, such delivery at the same time does not allow an organism to switch to a rigorous internal diet. Thus organism  standby reserves are promptly and irrationally outlayed.

This alternative of starvation is watched in countries where is "satiated" and "hungry", in acts of nature and etc. many hungry diets concern To the maiden alternative (English "ochkovaja", "not old", «a diet of jockeys» and mn also. Other) with a uniform restricted delivery.

The second alternative of starvation — the complete switching to an internal endogenous diet: mammals are in a state of a hypobiosis (hibernation), and the lowest alive beings — anabiosis when vital processes are decelerated or stop.

At this alternative of starvation of mammals there are same main medical-regenerative processes, as at RDT, but to a lesser degree. The nature uses the yielded alternative for saving of existing types.

The third alternative is a complete elimination of alimentary energy supply at which one the person is in an awake state, observing aqueous and a motoring, till 40 days, and sometimes and it is more.

The yielded alternative renders treatment-and-prophylactic effect of the widest action spectrum and is a unique method of a delivery of the person characteristic spares. Therefore the term «the medical dosed starvation», used earlier, is renamed by specialists in RDT.

This alternative also ensures rigorous switching to an endogenous diet, besides it is added by a row of the treatment-and-prophylactic natural routines boosting an output of drosses and toxines from an organism and remaining processes of refinement and recovery of organs and systems.

Often enough application of the term "drosses" pertaining to a human body object. But, nevertheless, it has taken roots among many scientists practicing RDT, and there is no necessity from it to be failed.

It is accepted to term as "drosses" the metabolic products, accumulating gradually both in separate cells of our organism and in tissues. It in the core protein metabolism finished products — carbamide, uric acid, a creatinine, a creatine, ammonium salts, etc., almost insoluble in water and late in an organism.

The blockage "drosses" happens for many parents. One of the major it is necessary for emphasising — the hyperalimentation, oversaturation by squirrels, animal fats, starches  is.

The irregular combination of yields, abuse by acute, spicy dishes, intoxication reduce in accumulating of "drosses" alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, medicinal preparations also, polluted air, an insufficient flow of sun rays and etc.

But the major factor thus is odds of the energy consumed with nutriment, over its expenditure (now speak much and write about a hypodynamia), and also over selection of decay products through lungs, buds, a skin, an intestine.

The member-correspondent of AMN USSR of A. V.Nagornyj in the book «the Strain ageing and life extension» in the head «the strain ageing and death Theory» is returned to ideas of Mechnikova and writes:

«Adherents of the theory of seld-poisoning perfectly mark constant originating in living organisms of toxicant yields of life activity and is perfectly pointed that these matters, these« drosses »lives can work otravljajushche on cells and organism tissues».

"Drosses" first of all accumulate in a conjunctive tissue, and also in futty, osteal, in disabled or slaborabotajushchih muscles, in an intercellular fluid, in bioplasm of any cell if the cell is not capable them to select because of an energy deficiency, or because of their  too copious arrival, that is at a redundant delivery.

For a standard organism any surplus products are harmful and work as toxines: surplus salt, starch, the unbalanced protein. For example, in our organism more than 20 amino acids. If any more than it is necessary (at least on 0,3 %), it becomes a noise at "assembly" of new protein, at a phase of synthesis and its toxicity can be displayed.

Therefore RDT also is the best means of refinement and environmental sanitation when nutriment arrival from the outside stops also an organism transfers to an interior delivery at the expense of stored reserves. Thus all systems of selection work extremely effectively. After all only through lungs is deleted about 150 various toxines in a gaseous state.

Physiologists experimentally have demonstrated that value of reserves which one the organism can use at starvation before a starvation, constitutes 40-45 percents of its weight.

It has been clarified also that at a complete starvation with a weight loss of a skew field to 20-25 percents in organs and tissues it is not watched any pathological changes, and only starvation with a lose of weight of 40 percents and above can cause nonreversible changes, for example, a fatty degeneration of a hepatic epithelium, buds, degenerate changes in the excitatory system.

At a method of the dosed starvation applied now within 25-30 days a lose of weight of routinely 12-15 percents, that is it is significant below secure norm.

From operations of large domestic physiologists and biochemists (V.V.Pashutin, M.N.Shaternikov, Ju. M.Gefter) it is known that in temporary starvation the human body perishes, still frequently without having attained a deep degree of depletion, as a result of seld-poisoning by decay products.

When in the course of medical starvation these decay products are deduced from an organism by means of variety of routines (cleansing enemas, troughs, massage, heightened ventilation of the lungs, walks) the human body tolerates starvation by duration till 30-40 days without any implications of seld-poisoning.

Thus once again it is necessary to mark the relevant singularity: if during starvation of the pointed duration the person uses any one-sided delivery, at least in minimum doses at it dystrophia appearances will unstrand.

It speaks that periodic entering in a maw even a nutriment small amount causes excitation of a peristalsis of a maw, an intestine and consequently depressings of activity of peptic glands does not set in, the sense of hunger  is saved.

Thus also standard process of a metabolism is upset. The organism in time does not switch to an endogenous delivery, and radical changes in cells, their disorganisation can begin much earlier, than characteristic stores of an individual will be used.

At the complete starvation when the patient gains only the water, any dystrophic appearances it is not watched, the organism is adjusted on certain period for the interior delivery. It, appears, contents all its needs and is rigorous.

One more important factor: during medical starvation the mental state of the patient radically differs from a mental state of the person fasting forcedly.

In case of the former the patient understands that it fasts for the purpose of treatment that behind it medical observation (thus is in the conditions of comfort) is led that upon termination of certain period it will eat normally.

This consciousness considerably changes its feels that is mirrored and in all living functions of an organism. And the pavor of starvation which is a station-keeping satellite of forced starvation, changes all swap in an organism, and the person perishes not for hunger, and from pavor before it is more often.

So, medical starvation, or as we term it now RDT, causes major changes in an organism.

RDT leads to norm a biochemical process and secretion of glands, causes defensive inhibition of the excitatory system, selection of poisons and drosses (desintoxication), mobilisation of resisting strengths of an organism, a metabolism, assimilation normalisation, a rejuvenation of tissues, an autolysis of pathological formations, refines digestion and a circulation, yields skew field organs physiological rest.

Treatment by starvation is not a particular method for any one disease or bunch of diseases. It is a fortifying method, mobilizujushchy phylactic powers of an organism and consequently a wide range of indications having very.

Positive influencing of medical starvation is marked at illnesses of a metabolism (adiposity, a podagra), diseases of cardiovascular system (an idiopathic hypertensia, an atherosclerosis initial stage, a stenocardia, an obliterating endarteritis), diseases of the allergic nature (a bronchial asthma, a pseudorheumatism, a Quincke’s edema, a nettle butterfly), diseases of system of a digestive organs (an acute pancreatitis, a peptic ulcer), psychological diseases (schizophrenia, obsessional states, fixing psychogenic responses, fixing neurosises, an epilepsy), the diencephalic syndrome flowing with endocrine violations, disorder futty, a carbohydrate and water-salt swap.

Medical starvation can be led only at detailed comprehensive survey of patients as it has many contraindications.

The pulmonary tuberculosis, malignant diseases of system of a blood, the malignant tumours, many endocrine diseases concerns to their number (a sugar diabetes achrestic and not achrestic heavy flow, addisonova the illness, expressed tirsotoksikoz, etc.), a cirrhosis, a hypotension, the expressed atherosclerosis, pregnancy, the milking period, diseases parasitogenic and demanding a surgical treatment, a deep degree of depletion, predilection to hypoglycemic responses, advanced age.

The durable medical starvation is not demonstrated at adiposity treatment as with renewal of a delivery the skew field mass is promptly recovered even at the limited energy value of a ration. In this case short courses RDT can be applied some.

At many diseases if they are not rather launched, can be applied RDT in the form of short-term starvation or days of limited intake of food when patients will gain fruit, vegetables or juice.

Variety of the events contributing in deduction from an organism of harmful decay products, and also phylactic powers of an organism causing activation enters in complex RDT also. To them concern: gymnastics, hydrotherapeutic procedures, psychotherapy, autogenous ageing.

The starvation course can be led, and it should be emphasised, only in stationary conditions, under observation of experimental specialists and after careful pilot survey.

Like a knife of the surgeon in inept arms method RDT at application without due experience and knowledge is capable to superimpose irreparable harm to an organism, to lead to nonreversible aftereffects and even to lethal outcome.

In a hospital to the patient daily research assayings of a blood, urine, an acid-base state, the doctor carefully tracks its state of health.

At a departure from normal starvation interrupts, and the patient transfers to the deoxidiziry continuance. Spot indications to passage in the second stage RDT only experimental specialist can. In it art of the doctor also consists.

Therefore any independence at the durable starvation should not be.

pol the Bragg tenders to lead starvation in out-patient requirements, though and under the direction of experimental specialists. Now method RDT in out-patient requirements does not practise, applied still insufficiently widely in hospitals, and to get on treatment difficultly.

Thus people whom, having inspired with flaming ideas of the Bragg for certain will be, will start to fast self-contained on its system, disregarding errors of the author of the book «a starvation Miracle». It can lead to dystrophic changes in an organism and to a serious illness instead of desired environmental sanitation.

Now realisation of hydrotherapeutic procedures and cleansing enemas is conventional during starvation for the purpose of leadingout of metabolic poisons and protective treatment autointoksnkatsii yields of the metabolism, inhausted of an intestine.

Despite it, the Bragg neargumentirovanno rejects the yielded routine that degrades effects RDT.

Are very useful and indispensable during course RDT the durable walks in the open air, breathing exercises, hydrotherapeutic procedures which one expediency pointed the Bragg.

Very relevant during starvation of Pol the Bragg considered a psychologic tune on an optimistic harmony, positive state of health (peculiar autogenous ageing).

However as some shamanism fans from its references during starvation to be deleted from people, to be cut off from communication media, to mass in itself, to speak to nobody about the forgoing of nutriment, «that another’s negative thoughts could not have a pernicious effect on you». To follow to this advice in true life it is almost impossible.

How not to smile and at a narration of the Bragg about third of cup of the hydrargyrum which ostensibly quitted it in rattling of starvation and have been accumulated in an organism during treatment of a tuberculosis in the childhood by drugs of hydrargyrum.

In RDT the renewal period is very relevant. Hunger escaping is etapnym, very gradual, since thin juice and adding then all-in-one vegetable or fruit juices. For the third-fourth day it is possible to include puree from natural vegetables and fruit and on the sly to transfer to is milk-vegetative nutriment.

pol the Bragg recommends single-step escaping of hunger by the use of a cellulose of fruit that is not physiologic.

In the book the Bragg in the core recommends rather short starvations 24-72 hours and starvations of medial duration (7-10-дневные).

At short starvations the organism has not time to be rebuilt on an endogenous delivery, there are no those pathophysiological gears stipulating effect RDT, therefore favour of them in the core in gastrointestinal tract rest.

Starvation of medial duration under a requirement "pereshagivanija" through a crisis brings larger effect.

pol the Bragg makes the references all without exclusion to people without a level of health, environmental conditions and a differentiation of national groups, disregarding indications and contraindications of this method that can lead to serious consequences for many, specially if this method is followed by children and teenagers.

The book of the Field of the Bragg not only about starvation, it advocates the correct conduct of life. In it its doubtless plus. At the same time transactions of the Bragg it is similar to abstracts of lectures, very emotional, places naive, in places contradictory, partly has advertising character; in it is a lot of positive a lot of disputable, not here it is possible to agree with all.

Ju.N.Kudryavtsev, the principal therapist of Moscow, the candidate of hospital sciences

What you for the person?

On light there are only two sorts of people. To what of them you attribute yourselves?

The true person thinks itself pro se; artificial — allows another to think for it. Uncommon bravery Is necessary to lead own life.

Starvation and realisation of the program of healthy life demand bravery for a running it in this unhealthy and venenate world. Create to itself a high standard of life. Are aimed to the highest health!

Do not dare to be sinked to level of the weak-willed person. Be vigorous and strong. Live longly and do not lose vivacity!

Let this book will be to you the trainer on a trajectory to longevity and healthy life. Perhaps, knowledge and the wisdom, collected in it, will lead you to new life — lives of free from corporal hurts, lives, gap-filling young, sparked energy, the world of reason and pleasure of existence.

You have read this book and now it will maintain your undertaking on organism reorganisation. It is necessary not only wish health, but also to work, and to work without sidetracking, since today’s day!

A science about a delivery for the highest health

The purpose of this book is to help you to ensure the travel line to natural laws of life.

If we follow the nature laws controlling our life and health, we will be salvaged from waste travails, we will attain high level of health, longevity and a wonderful life!

We should save the internal purity: should not allow toxines and disease-producing poisons to collect in the organism.

The regular running to the program of the starvation given in this book, should teach interior refinement.

Self-preservation is the maiden law of life. If we want to live longly, in perfect health, active and happy life, we should work together with the nature, instead of against it!

If you attempt to break its natural laws they will break you.

Natural laws are the true laws. If we follow them, we will be rewarded by perfect health! It is necessary to save purity in the organism, and the best trajectory for saving of the skew field pure is a periodic starvation.

Healthy nutriment

1. In the delivery try to save as much as possible nutriment in a natural type — green fruit and vegetables, nut coals and pips.

2. Protein products:

Meat, including its various types: a liver, brains, heart, fowl and a sea foods. Pulpify meat as less as possible because protein fails at the durable bowking;

Milk food, the eggs, not manufactured cheese, transited breadboard testing (personally I do not drink some milk and I do not use milk food);

Leguminous, a soya bean and other pod-bearing plants;

Nut coals and pips.

3. Try to use fruit and the vegetables cultivated without usage of toxic chemicals. Brew vegetables with the water minimum quantity if it is is possible, at rather low temperature, holding down them on light as less as possible.

4. Use in nutriment young pellets from grains as in them a lot of protein, all vitamins of bunch In, reproduction vitamin, minerals and microelements is contained.

5. Use in nutriment the vegetable oils which have done not transit at manufacture of temperature action which one also are excellent radiants of packed fatty acids.

Ten precepts of health

ü  You should honour the skew field as the greatest  implication of life.

ü  You should be failed from all unnatural, nonliving nutriment and exciting beverages.

ü  You should feed the skew field only the natural, not manufactured, alive yields.

ü  You should devote years to the devoted and selfless ministering to the health.

ü  You should recover the skew field by the correct balance sheet of activity and rest

ü  You should strip the cells, tissues and a blood pure fresh air and a sunlight.

ü  You should be failed from any nutriment when thy reason or a skew field not very well feels.

ü  You should contain the thoughts, words and emotions pure, quiet and raised.

ü  You should replenish permanently the knowledge of nature laws, having made it is the motto of the life, and to rejoice to the to transactions.

ü  You should submit to nature laws.

Health — your right. Use this right.

The abstract

The majority of foodstuff is subjected now various processes of handling or refining in which one effect they have lost vitamins being in them, minerals and microelements, and some of them contain also dangerous chemical impurities.

Probes, looking up and experiments reduce some nutritionists, doctors and dietarians in an output that such nutriment and is the principal parent of the bad health.

The huge magnification of degenerate diseases over the last 50 years affirms these outputs.

Scientific probes have demonstrated also that many of these illnesses can be prevented; others, already begun, can be paused, and in certain cases even are led to norm by means of a natural conduct of life and a delivery.

Good health can be attained everyone who has wished to struggle for it, being guided by reason.

Shun these yields

1. Shun to use refined Saccharum, it does not deliver an organism anything, except carbohydrates. Its redundant amount is a controlling factor in a course of a disease of cogs and losses of thrust to natural types of nutriment. Use honey, but it is careful.

2. Shun a white flour, it does not contain those devices indispensable for life which one are in a pellet, in a flour few of them, those matters who are added in it in the capacity of poaching and saving from spoil are saved only, are harmful.

3. Shun to use such yields, as bread, confectionery products, ice-cream, cheese and cold dishes from meat for which one saving chemical components are used. More often in them bloom and taste collimatings add for saving, synthetic impurities.

4. Shun to use fowl and meat of the animals dressed by hormones, boosting their growth and weight.

5. Shun to use animal fats and oils.

6. Shun some the milk boiled or subjected to handling, the manufactured cheese, a melted cheese and chocolate.

Natural delivery should be manifold

Certainly, it is impossible from those approximately two hundred types of yields that I have enumerated, to constitute the menu which one would approach any. Is better, if the person, proceeding from this agenda and from this that he loves, will form the own menu.

The person so strongly gets used to any certain nutriment that becomes frequent for it impossible waiving it. I have given in these agendas nutriment alive and not destroying a human body.

But people have headed out from such natural nutriment. Much from this that they eat now, is not nutriment, and the further the person is deleted from the use of natural yields, the it is more than illnesses acquires.

Eating crude fruit and vegetables, with adding of boiled vegetables, and also unsalted nut coals and pips, he would enjoy longevity and dazzling health.

The natural nutriment is that that brings true health. All our alimentary system also is adapted for these yields.

The more natural yields you eat, the your health is better. A wide choice — 200 types of nutriment is given you. Selecting these yields and following the starvation program, you save excellent physical condition all life.